F.A.Q. Your Questions Answered.

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

We do receive a lot of questions that keep on repeating themselves. We have compiled the questions into an FAQ in order to answer your most common questions. In case you have any other question which does not appear on our list, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer them.



Q. Do you log requests made to this service?

A. Yes. This tool is not designed to be an ‘anonymous’ proxy service or to be used for purposes in which you would desire to use one of those.  While you can certainly use our site as a regular proxy its primary purpose is to assist developers, designers, and web hosts in viewing or helping others view sites without the DNS records being pointed.


Q. How long are logs stored?

A. There isn’t a set storage period — we maintain logs for what we determine is a ‘reasonable’ amount of time based on many factors. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee logs will be available for any length of time, however.


Q. I need to obtain a copy of your logs / I am investigating abuse the happened via this proxy service?

A. We will be glad to comply with any legal request for logs. Generally, requests would require a jurisdictionally-appropriate court order that clearly defines what information is being requested. If you have further questions about this / would like to submit a court order to us you can contact our abuse team at abuse@propagationproxy.com


Q. How does the site preview functionality work?

A. When you enter a custom hostname / IP address to request your domain name from our custom system overrides the default DNS entries for the domain and makes its page requests to the specified IP address.


Q. Why is this important?

A. Instead of having to edit your hosts file (or in scenarios where you can’t edit this file) you can just enter the domain and IP address you wish to view and have it load through our full-featured web proxy. This works great if you are trying to preview sites during migrations, preview sites during propagation, access non-public domains, and for many other functions as well. These features are why multiple designers, developers, and web hosts recommend us to their users when they are needing to perform these actions!


Q. My site doesn’t load when I enter an IP?

A. There is a good chance that the IP you are entering may not be the correct IP for web requests made to your site at. Many web servers have multiple IP address, and your site may only be configured to respond when accessed via a particular one. This is common on cPanel / Plesk based webservers. If your site is not loading or showing a form of ‘domain parking’ page, check with your webhost / developer and verify the IP address you are entering is the correct one for your site!


Designer / Developer / Host Resources

Q. I want to integrate your preview system on my own site?

A. Licenses can be made available upon request. Please contact contact@propagationproxy.com for more information.


Q. I want to remove all ads on pages requested by my clients?

A. Ad-free usage is possible. Please contact contact@propagationproxy.com for more information.