Abuse Report / Request Information


While our proxy service is only designed for legitimate requests, the functionality of this type of system inherently invites abuse / illegitimate use. We work strongly to prevent this from happening but unfortunately preventing this 100% is not possible. We will be glad to work with you to address any abuse / concerns you have about access to your systems from our tool.

Generally, we can work with two parties regarding any concerns, site owners / webhosts and LEO (Law Enforcement Officials). If you own a site / host and wish us to not allow access to your systems via our proxy please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to get that setup. You can contact us at abuse@propagationproxy.com for this purpose.

If you are a LEO or other party looking to obtain logs / information from our services please contact us at abuse@propagationproxy.com with a jurisdictionally-appropriate court order or subpoena that clearly details the information you are requesting and we will be glad to assist. We can provide discovery without fee for request related to criminal cases; requests related to civil cases would incur research / production fees which are available upon request.